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Verified pet sitters

We verify sitters identity, experience and we perform phone interviews. We have more than 100 reviews from other owners

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Up to 47% cheaper

Better prices than dog hotels. You can save up to 47% with a pet sitter


More care, no cages

No cages, locked spaces and limited capacity. More attention and personalized care only for your pet,

TV and media appereances

How it works?

rezerva pet sitter sau creaza cerere pet sitting publica

Search Pet sitter or create a public request

Search pet sitter in your town and book the ones you like OR create a public request with your needs and we'll invite nearby pet sitters to send their price offers.

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Receive confirmations or price offers

The pet sitter will confirm his availability in at most 48h. If you received multiple offers to your public pet sitting request, choose the one you like.

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Pay small advance or reservation fee

For confirmed bookings you pay a 10 RON advance/ reservation fee, in order to get in touch with the pet sitter. Pay the rest of the amount after you meet with the sitter.

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Mihaela (cat boarding Cluj)

Violeta are o legătură foarte specială cu animalele. Pisica mea a placut-o instantaneu si i-a oferit, de-a lungul perioadei de pet sitting, increderea pe care ea a dat-o doar familiei noastre pana acum.

Over 100 dogs and cats, of all breeds and colors, have already been cared for by Pet Sitters from CareToPets

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Why Pet Sitter is better than olx ads, friends or pet hotels

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Frequently asked questions

CareToPets is a pet sitting booking and management platform. We are not a classified ads platform.

A Pet Sitter is a pet lover with experience, who can offer pet boarding in their home, or visit pets at your place or dog walking.

You can choose from 2 ways:
a) you create a public pet sitting request with your needs, we send the details to relevant pet sitters from your area and the ones available will send thei price offer. You then choose what is convenient to you
b) see nearby pet sitter profiles and make booking requests for the ones you like, following that they will confirm their availability

You pay online, only for confirmed bookings as follows: pay a small 10 RON advance/reservation fee, after which you get in touch with the pet sitter and after you two set the details and meet, pay the the rest online.

For security reasons, you can see the contact details only for confirmed bookings, after you pay an adavance/ reservation fee.

You will have to cancel the booking on our wesite. If you already paid the sitter online, we will refund the money, less the advance payment/ reservation fee.

For Pet Sitters

Love animals? Have a flexible schedule and you board pets in your home? From know, you can earn extra income by taking care of pets and while doing something you enjoy.