Suntem o organizatie non-profit infiintata pe 25.07.2002 de catre Roxana Macoviciuc si Carmen Milobendzchi. Scopul nostru este grija fata de animale si dezvoltarea respectului fata de toate formele de viata. Asociatia isi propune sa ocroteasca mediul inconjurator, sa promoveze si sa apere principiile ecologiste pe plan moral, spiritual, stiintific si economic, sa respecte drepturile animalelor, sa protejeze animalele si sa lupte impotriva cruzimii oamenilor fata de animale. Bucharest is home to anywhere between 100,000 to 1 million stray dogs. Every year, thousands are killed by cars, poisoned, die of hunger, or freeze to death. We are a foundation that is fighting hard for the city's animals. We receive no regular funding and depend fully on donations for our work. Our 100% no-kill shelter is currently home to 60 cats and roughly 400 dogs. Our volunteers also feed hundreds of dogs in the area and organize large sterilization campaigns. The shelter offers food, water, vaccines, and emergency medical treatment. Nearly all of our adoptions are international, since there is very little local interest in non-breed "street" dogs - please see our adoptions album for more information. Please, help us raise awareness by liking and sharing our page. Hundreds of dogs' lives have been saved, but thousands more need our help.