Boarding cat in Timișoara

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Hello, I'm a French student in Timisoara, at the veterinary university. I am looking for someone to take care of my lizard (agama cu barba) during the summer holidays, because with the current situations of the Coronavirus, I cannot bring it back to France. So I am looking for someone who would accept to take care of my animal during the months of July, August and the beginning of September. (Maybe mid June). I don't know yet if the university will reopen before the next school year begins. But if it is the case I could then bring it back to France and I will not need custody. But I have to look for someone right away. It is a small lizard that does not require a lot of maintenance but a little bit of attention anyway. He eats insects (which I order and which I will have delivered to your home (about once a month) and plants (carrot peelings, salads, etc. your leftovers!) You have to change his bowl of water every days and feces once or twice a week. Budget to be defined together but I had thought of 100 euros for 13 weeks (from July to September) (to be seen depending on the duration etc.)

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: Boarding cat

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